About Us


Our goal is to provide quality products at an affordable price and great customer service to make their experience worthwhile and they leave understanding our three main words of being: Worthy, Beautiful, and Intelligent. Let's be inspired to BOSS UP and REMEMBER who you are.

The Why?

 Hey Best Friends ! Welcome!  I'm a MOM before it all to a handsome seven year old! He is my motivation. I do it for him! Daily I strive to be the best Mom I can be to him. 
That T-Shirt Girl is a female empowerment brand that is dedicated to empowering black women to grow! Make them feel good! Push them to BE WHO THEY ARE , to start that business they want, or achieve that goal. I created this brand because I would always create T-shirts for myself that spoke to how I felt or how I wanted to feel while wearing them. Sometimes what you have to say you just can't find it in stores. Lol! 
 This brand is for the t-shirt and jeans kinda woman, the sophistiratchet! The career woman , single woman, married, Momtreprenuer or whoever you identify as!  I’m all of the above! I’m a Mom, Wife, Career Woman and all! Every now and again I need to be reminded of how I dope I am in real life. Creating this brand allowed me to stop living in my own shadows and embrace who I am.  So what you listen to trap music on the way to the office?
Who cares because you like to go to a lounge on the weekend and kick it with your girls? This is for you to know that you can have a whole career but still walk in who you are. Be YOU! That is what is empowering ..Sis you are WORTHY BEAUTIFUL & INTELLIGENT. And on YOUR -ish. You can do whatever you put your mind too! I’m here to inspire you! Stay tuned to what I have in store!